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Welcome to my portfolio!

Hello. I’m Jesse, an engineer with expertise modeling fluids and combustion. I’m also skilled at statistical analysis and interested in data science.

Much of the professional work I’ve done is unfortunately proprietary, so I’m showcasing side projects and some work from my master’s degree here.

My LinkedIn profile has details on my background and career so far. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with me.

Data Science

I finished DataCamp’s Data Science with R Track. Now, I’m working through their Python track.

Patent Applications

I’m an inventor on a few patents.

Climate Modeling

This graduate level course focused on principles of Earth system modeling. Topics emphasized atmosphere, ocean sea ice, and land-surface impacts on climate. Here’s some of my work from the class:

I modeled global ocean temperature anomalies using a simple model written in Python.

I analyzed data from a climate model with a flattened Antarctica (which has some high elevation mountains).

I investigated heat transfer in the ocean using the Large Ensemble Community Project.

For my final project, I chose to teach myself about data assimilation.

Computational Methods for Data Analysis

In this applied math course, I studied statistical learning and its underlying linear algebra. Check out these projects:

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD): Foundations for Facial Recognition

Principal Component Analysis (PCA): Finding System Dynamics in Noisy Videos

Music Genre Classifier using PCA and Naive Bayes

Separating Foreground and Background Video using Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD)

Using DMD to Track Structures in Simulated Turbulent Flows

Master’s Thesis

My thesis focused on calculating drag coefficients for a supersonic projectile in a ram accelerator, a novel space launch concept.